About Current Power

Current Power serves as a comprehensive energy hub, distributing battery brands and accessories tailored for on-the-go applications, delivering auxiliary or emergency power.

Growing distribution networks for battery brands.

Comprehensive range of battery accessories and solutions.

Diverse selection of DC products catering to various needs.

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Technical & Service Support

We have a dedicated technical department to provide design & engineering advice, installation support, commissioning service, troubleshooting and warranty support.

Quick Turnaround

With fast response times and parts delivery, you can look forward to quick and efficient service from us. We get you back on the water faster.

Our Products




Power your marine vessels with reliable energy solutions.

Automotive (RV, Commercial, Emergency)

Enhance your vehicles with advanced automotive systems.

Renewable Energy

Energize your stationary setups with durable DC products.

Batteries & More

Complete energy solutions for all your power needs.
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